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Preliminary program

Please note that the program is very busy, thus we ask presenters to respect timing. For the reason of timing we don't welcome presentations from an own presenters' laptops.
Oral presentations should be prepared as MS Power Point slides (3D session presenters will receive special instructions for presentation preparations). We will provide laptop for presentations with Windows 7 OS, Office 2010 and Acrobat Reader software.
We recommend Apple Macintosh users to convert their presentations into PDF files to avoid compatibility issues.
Presentations need to be tested in advance. Preferably, on Monday June 4 during the registration, or later during a breaks, but not later than one day before the presentation.
Presentations should be given at USB memory key or CD/DVD disk, it is very welcomed to send them in advance to


Posters will be mounted on Monday June 4 and will be on display until Saturday June 9. Coffee breaks will be arranged in the poster hall.
Available space for a poster is 95 cm (width) X 115 cm (height).

Titles of Sessions

1. Structure and dynamics of cholinesterases and related α/β hydrolase-fold proteins.
Chairpersons: Fredrik Ekström, Joel Sussman

2. Interaction of cholinesterases with substrates, inhibitors and reactivators.
Chairpersons: Yaacov Ashani, Terrone Rosenberry

3. Anticholinesterases: Mechanisms of toxicity, detection and analytical methods, diagnosis of exposure, detoxification and therapy; counter-terrorism strategies.
Chairpersons: Oksana Lockridge, Franz Worek

4. Stoichiometric and catalytic bioscavengers against anticholinesterase agents; nanobiotechnology for cholinesterases and related therapeutic aspects.
Chairpersons: Douglas Cerasoli, Patrick Masson

5. Enzymes other than cholinesterases reacting with anticholinesterase agents.
Chairpersons: Clement Furlong, Galina Makhaeva

6. Molecular biology and cell biology of cholinesterases and alternative functions of cholinesterases.
Chairpersons: Arnaud Chatonnet, Karl Tsim

7. Diseases related to cholinesterases, and cholinesterase inhibitors therapy.
Chairpersons: Ezio Giacobini, Eric Krejci

8. 3D session
Chairpersons: Zoran Radić, Martin Weik

(C) 2010 The 11th International Meeting on Cholinesterases