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Research Group of Biochemistry of Fibrinolysis

There are four staff research persons, one engineer and graduate student in the group:
Name  Position  E-mail address
Aisina Roza Bakirovna  Head of the Group, Senior Researcher, 
Sazonova Irina Yurevna  Researcher, Ph.D. (Chemistry)
Gershkovich Karina Benyaminovna  Researcher, Ph.D. (Biology)
Moukhametova Liliya Inilevna  Researcher
Vorontsov Vladimir Vasilevich  Graduate Student

The major research directions of the group are as follows:

Enzymology and biochemistry of plasminogen activators (streptokinase, staphylokinase, urokinase and
pro-urokinase) inducing the fibrinolysis:
- isolation and purification of human plasma proteins;
- interaction kinetics of plasmin and plasminogen activators with substrates and inhibitors;
- kinetics and mechanism of human plasminogen activation by various plasminogen activators;
- inactivation and stabilization of plasmin and plasminogen activators;
- kinetics and mechanism of fibrinolysis induced by the plasminogen activators;
- influence of plasma components on the fibrinolysis kinetics;
- computer simulation of fibrinolysis.

Designing prolonged forms of thrombolytic agents:
- synthesis and purification of acylated by the active site derivatives of the plasminogen activators (urokinase,
   equimolar complexes of plasminogen-streptokinase and plasmin-staphylokinase) with different reactivation rates;
- chemical modification of molecules of the activators;
- investigation of fibrinolytic properties of the acylated and modified plasminogen activators and their side effects on
  plasma proteins levels.

Microencapsulation and microgranulation of biologically active substances:
- elaboration of methods for inclusion of the enzymes, proteins or drugs into semipermeable insoluble, biodegradable
  or intestine solvable microcapsules and microgranules;
- stabilization of enzyme and enzyme systems inside microcapsules and microgranules;
- designing microencapsulated and microgranulated preparations with time-controlled release.of active substance.

Elaboration of light-sensitive acyl-derivatives of proteases (plasmin, trypsin, chymotrypsin etc.) for biochemical
and biotechnological purposes.

List of publications  of the group includes more than 180 papers in national and international journals and 10 patents.


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