"B I O C A T A L Y S I S - 2007.
Structure, functions, applications"

Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Russia
June, 17 - 22, 2007


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Scientific program with schedule and posters list (June 6, 2007) (PDF)(NEW!!!)

Social program (PDF)

Hotel accommodation in Moscow (PDF)

Hotel accommodation in St. Petersburg (PDF)

Dear colleagues,

The M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University is organizing a traditional International Conference "BIOCATALYSIS-2007" in 17-22 June 2007 (preliminary dates were changed).

The BIOCATALYSIS Conferences have been conducted regularly since 1974. "Biocatalysis-2002" and "Biocatalysis-2005" gathered researchers from Europe, USA, Japan and other countries as well as over 500 researchers from Russia and the former Soviet Union Republics.

BIOCATALYSIS-2007 Conference will be conducted on a boat travelling from Moscow to St. Petersburg.

The following topics will be discussed at the Conference:

  1. Structure, catalytic mechanism and protein engineering of enzymes.
  2. Bioinformatics and biocatalysis. Metabolic design.
  3. Industrial biocatalysis (enzymes, multi enzyme systems and cells). Fine organic synthesis. Design of biotransformation processes.
  4. Analytical applications of biocatalysis: test systems, biosensors, bioanalytical nanotechnology and biochips. Biocatalysis for chemical and biological safety.
  5. Biocatalysis in environmental biotechnology.
  6. Enzyme, ribozymes and proteins as drugs and vaccines.
  7. Innovations and technology transfer. International cooperation.

Official language: English.

Registration Costs

Registration Cost includes : Registration Fee & Accommodation Fee.

Registration Fee

all in EURO and
per person
Before 10 March, 2007
After 10 March, 2007
Academic1 350380
Students2 170200
Commercial 450500
Accompanying person 200200

1Academic rate available to full-time employees of academic or governmental institutions.
2Subject to verification.

Registration Fee will provide to cover the following activities:

  • To process the documents for entry visa permit;
  • To meet the participants at Moscow airport, to transfer them to the hotel;
  • To publish the Abstracts in the Conference abstract book;
  • To publish the full-size presentations in the special volume of the periodical "Bulletin of Moscow University";
  • To provide the participants with all information materials of the Conference (Abstract Book, Program and other necessary materials);
  • To attend all Conference sections of interest;
  • Coffee - Tea breaks;
  • Get-Together Party.

Accommodation Fee

This includes the river trip, lodging, meals, excursion and cultural, banquet. An approximate accommodation (one-bed) cost is 400 to 850 EURO depending on the cabin class (one -, two - or three - bed).

Type of cabin Accommodation Fee
Single cabin 850 EURO
Double cabin 1150 EURO
Triple cabin - two lower
berths and one upper berth
1200 EURO
1 bed in double cabin 600 EURO
1 bed in triple cabin 400 EURO
full Luxe cabin - (double) 2000 EURO
half luxe cabin (double + 1 bed) 1500 EURO

The abstract

The abstract should be made within an imaginary box 14,6 cm wide and 22,8 cm deep in 12 point Times Roman, no more than 4O lines. For publication of the book of Abstracts, please send us an electronic version of your abstracts. All files should be in Reach Text Format (RTF). Send files to or

DEADLINE for Submitting Preliminary Registration Form and Abstracts: 28 February 2007.

DEADLINE for Submitting Registration Cost (Registration and Accommodation Fees): 20 March 2007.

DEADLINE for Submitting Application Visa form and copy of the travel passport, and Abstracts: 20 March 2007.

DEADLINE for Submitting ARTICLES: 30 June 2007.

The Organizing Committee has authority to alter the claimed form of participation: oral report to poster presentation.

In view of a limited number of ship cabin passengers, the Organizing Committee is asking to apply for participation at BIOCATALYSIS-2007 Conference, to send the Abstracts and to pay the Registration Fee not later than the deadlines indicated above.

Please, forward all related information to the Scientific Secretary of the International Conference "BIOCATALYSIS-2007", Dr. Tatyana A. OSIPOVA to the address:

Scientific Secretariat International
Conference "BIOCATALYSIS-2007",
Chemical Enzymology Department,
Faculty of Chemistry,
The Lomonosov Moscow State University,
119992 Moscow, RUSSIA
Phone/Fax: 007-495-939-5417

Welcome to participate in the International Conference "BIOCATALYSIS-2007".

Sincerely yours,

Chairman of the Organizing Committee
International Conference "BIOCATALYSIS-2007"
Phone/Fax: 007-495-939-3589
Fax: 007-495-939-5417


Social Program

The Conference will be held on a boat traveling from Moscow to St. Petersburg. The boat goes via historical islands such as Uglich, Gorishchi-Kirilov-Ferapontovo, Kizhi. June is a time of the so-called 'white nights' in the Northern region.

One of the most comfortable four-deck boats of the Russian river fleet has single (limited), double and triple cabins - all with private facilities.

Attention!!! I ask to pay attention to possible change - the initial point will be Moscow and final point of departure will be Saint-Petersburg.