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In the department staff there are 9 professor's positions: 5 professors (S.D.Varfolomeev, N.L.Klyachko, A.V.Levashov, A.D.Ryabov and V.I.Tishkov), 3 associate professors (A.P.Osipov, G.M.Kazankov, N.G.Belogurova), and 1 assistant professor (T.P.Mosolova) working at the department. There are also research scientists helping in teaching: Dr. A.K.Gladilin, Dr. A.B.Belova  and Dr. P.A.Levashov (all are senior research scientists) and others.

Each year about 25 new students (3rd year of education) who want to have special education not only in chemistry but also in life sciences join our department. They continue education for 2.5 years more. They can choose one of two specializations: Physical Chemistry of Enzymes or Enzyme (Protein) Engineering. Students take lecture courses, they have also seminars and receive practical specialized skills (experimental work). Each term they pass exams. All about 60-70 students and 40-50 Ph.D. students taking courses and doing experimental work at the department every year.

Our lecture courses cover some fields of Physical Chemistry, and Physical Chemistry of Enzymes, in particular; Biochemistry and Molecular Biology; and Biotechnology. There is a new lecture course for all students studying at the Faculty of Chemistry concerning Chemical outlook to life sciences given by Prof. S.D.Varfolomeev.

Our specialized courses at the Department of Chemical Enzymology include:

Introduction into specialization (3rd year of education) divided by 3 courses:

Introduction into Biochemistry (4th year of education) (Dr. A.K.Gladilin).

Mechanisms of chemical reactions in solutions (Prof. A.D.Ryabov).

Enzyme kinetics (4th year of education) (Prof. A.V.Levashov).

Introduction into molecular biology (4th year of education) (Dr. N.G.Belogurova).

Structure of active sites and mechanisms of enzyme catalysis (5th year of education) (Prof. N.L.Klyachko, Dr. G.M.Kazankov).

Biotechnology (5th year of education) divided into several parts:

Computer search and management of scientific information (5th year of education) (Prof. V.I.Tishkov).

The department has laboratory with special equipment to give students practical skills in enzyme kinetic parameters measuring, in enzyme modification and stability studying, in biochemical methods of protein purification and purity control (chromatography, isoelecric focusing, electrophoresis, etc.), in microbiological methods of enzyme production, in physico-chemical methods of protein (enzyme) studying (fluorescence, 2nd derivatives of absorbance spectra, analytical ultracentrifugation, ESR, etc.), and also some skills in data presentation.

Any questions? Don't hesitate to contact Prof. Natalia L.Klyachko who is responsible for all the teaching process at the Department of Chemical Enzymology: Tel. 7 (095) 939-3429, Fax: 7 (095) 939-0997, E-mail:

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