Laboratory of Ecobiocatalysis

Laboratory of Ecobiocatalysis
Head of the laboratory: Ph.D., D.Sc., prof.
Efremenko Elena N.

Affiliation and official address:
Chemical Enzymology Department, Chemical Faculty
The M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University, Lenin's Hills, 1/11 Moscow 119991, Russia
Tel. +7 (495) 939-31-70, Fax: +7 (495) 939-31-70, +7 (495) 939-54-17

Laboratory employees

Laboratory employeePersonality
Efremenko Elena Nikolaevnahead of lab., Ph.D., D.Sc., prof. 
Makhlis Tatyana Abramovnasenior researcher 
Maslova (Spiricheva) Olga Vasilievnajunior researcher, Ph. D. 
Stapanov Nikolay Alekseyevichjunior researcher, Ph. D. 
Senko Olga Vitalyevnajunior researcher 
Gudkov Denis Andreyevichresearcher, Ph. D. 
Lyagin Ilya Vladimirovichsenior researcher, Ph. D. 
Sirotkina Maria Sergeyevnajunior researcher 
Holstov Alexander Viktorovichм.н.с. 
Nikolskaya Anna Borisovnaengineer 
Dotsenko Anna Sergeyevnastudent (5 year)  
Mamedova Fahriapost. student (2 year)  
Ismailov Ismailpost. doc., Ph. D. 
The main directions of researches

The development of biocatalytic systems and processes based on them to solve different biotechnology tasks in ecology field.
- Biodegradation of industrial and agricultural wastes to produce products having commercial potential;
- Processes of detoxification of toxic compounds and their products of biodegradation;
- Bioindication of toxic compounds in environment objects.

Cells of microorganisms and enzymes are among biocatalysts being developed

Immobilization of elements making up the biocatalytic systems is a special feature of all developed products.

Ongoing researches

Biodegradation of industrial and agricultural wastes to produce products having commercial potential:
- Processes of convertion of renewable raw materials (cellulose biomass, waste biofuels, phototrophic microbial biomass) to energy sources (financial support of 2 projects in 2012-2013 years);
Development of new enzymatic biocalalysts based on organophosphorus hydrolase:
- for detoxification of organophosphorus compounds in vivo (financial support of 1 project in 2012 - 2013 years);
- for suppression of reproduction of resistent bacterial strains (financial support of 1 project in 2012 - 2013 years).
Bioindication of cyto- and ecotoxicity of different compounds:
- express-measurement of ecotoxicity of substrates, products of different reactions, new biocatalysts;
- detection of compounds possessing biocidic activity.

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