Laboratory of Genetic Engineering and Protein Design
Head of Laboratory: Professor  Vladimir I. Tishkov

    There are seven staff research persons, three postgraduate students, and seven students working in the Laboratory:
Name Position E-mail
Vladimir I. Tishkov Head of Lab, Professor, D.Sc., Ph.D.
Vladimir V. Fedorchuk Senior Research Scientist, Ph.D.
Ekaterina E. Davydova Leader Research Scientist, Ph.D.
Larissa A. Dementieva Research Scientist, Ph.D.
Alexandra M. Rojkova Junior Research Scientist, Ph.D.
Andrey D. Matorin Research Scientist, Ph.D.
Alexander E. Serov Research Scientist, Ph.D.
Alexander V. Zhadaev Postgraduate Student
Elena R. Salakhova Postgraduate Student
Iliya E. Yasnyi Postgraduate Student
Anna S. Popova Student
Alexander S. Petrov Student
Eugene A. Cherkashyn Student
Aleksey R. Abdullin Student
Svetlana V. Khoronenkova Student
Svetlana V. Uglanova Student
Elena S. Rusakova Student

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