Research Group
"Metalloenzymes: mechanism of action and application"

Head of group:

 Irina Georgievna GAZARYAN,
D.Sc., Ph.D.


Department of Chemical Enzymology,
Faculty of Chemistry
M.V.Lomonosov Moscow State University
119899 Moscow GSP-3, Russian Federation
Tel.   +7(095) 939-28-04
Fax  +7(095) 939-54-17

Research Directions:
- mechanism of oxygenase reaction catalyzed by plant peroxidases,
- study of structure - function relationships in peroxidase catalysis using
   site-directed mutagenesis,
- development of  methods of enzyme preparation from trangenic plants,
- mechanism of electron transfer in enzymes,
- peroxidase biosensors,


In Chemistry Faculty of Moscow State University:

- Prof. V.Tishkov  - site-directed mutagenesis of horseradish peroxidase.
- Prof. N.Klyachko - recombinant horseradish peroxidase in reverse micelles.
- Prof. T. Shekhovtsova - new peroxidases for analysis of heavy metals and phenols.
- Dr. M.Orlova - radioenzymology of peroxidases.
- Prof. Lo Gorton (Lund University, Sweden) - mechanism of direct peroxidase - electrode
   electron transfer, influence of enzyme structure on transfer efficiency.
- Prof. Roger N.F. Thorneley ( John Innes Centre, Norwich,UK) - anaerobic
   pre-steady state kinetics of peroxidases.
- Prof. Mark Lagrimini (Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, USA) - superproduction
   of tobacco peroxidase in transgenic plants, methods of preparative purification, properties
   and application.

Selected publications

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